In this course:

We will discuss student loan repayment plans and help to clear the confusion surrounding student debt. Special considerations for independent contractors on income-driven repayment will be addressed. We'll also cover:

  • The factors to consider when deciding on a student debt repayment strategy

  • How to evaluate income-driven repayment plans

  • How business entity structure for independent contractors may affect student debt payments

  • The differences between consolidation and refinancing

Course curriculum

    1. Taming Student Debt as a Relief Vet

    2. Taming Student Debt as a Relief Vet Quiz

    1. Taming Student Debt as a Relief Vet Presentation Slides

About this course

  • Free
  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

This course is brought to you by Relief Rover with the expert advice of Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP® of Vincere Wealth Management. Dr. Jones is also the Co-Founder of Veterinary Financial Summit. Click on the logos below to learn more about Vincere Wealth and Veterinary Financial Summit.

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Meredith Jones


Dr. Meredith Jones is a veterinarian, a student loan consultant with Student Loan Planner and a financial planner with SLP Wealth and Co-Founder of Veterinary Financial Summit. She has over 12 years of clinical experience in emergency and critical care. While she was paying off her student debt, she became a “money nerd” and started taking financial courses. She is the founder of the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and co-host of the Veterinary Financial Podcast. She earned the Certified Student Loan Professional designation in 2022.