In this course:

Discover how the positive, health-promoting habits of lifestyle medicine can elevate total well-being, enhance resilience, and optimize performance for veterinary professionals. Through empowering behavioral changes, research has demonstrated that engaging in lifestyle medicine practices can buffer against the impacts of burnout and encourage a state of flourishing.

  • introduction to lifestyle medicine

  • provide a brief overview of the research on well-being and performance

  • provide tangible tips for creating your lifestyle prescription to develop behaviors that support a sustainable, thriving life in veterinary medicine

Course curriculum

    1. Your Prescription to Thrive!

    2. Downloadable Slides

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Melyssa Allen


Melyssa Allen is a double board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional and Health & Wellness Coach and holds her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida. With a diverse background as an animal trainer, fitness instructor, and mental health professional, Melyssa works as a veterinary well-being coach to educate and empower veterinary professionals to implement positive changes in mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. Melyssa recognized the veterinary industry was in need of additional support resources and founded her company, the Veterinary Well-Being Buddy, to help support efforts in expanding available well-being resources for veterinary professionals.