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Would you like to take a long break from work for travel or other pursuits? We will talk about how to take this idea from dream to reality. We will discuss how to set yourself up for success financially by figuring out your living expenses, protecting your assets, and making sure you have adequate savings . The impact of a career break on taxes, student loans, and investments will also be covered. You will leave this session with practical steps to help you plan your own sabbatical.

  • Learn how to determine your expenses for a sabbatical

  • Understand the impact of a career break on taxes and student loans

  • Learn about saving and investing

Course curriculum

    1. How to Save for a 6 Month Sabbatical

    2. How to Save for a 6 Month Sabbatical Quiz

    1. How to Save for a 6 Month Sabbatical Presentation Slides

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  • 1 hour of video content

This course is brought to you by Relief Rover with the expert advice of Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP® and is sponsored by Veterinary Financial Summit. Click on the logo below to learn more.


Meredith Jones


Dr. Meredith Jones is a veterinarian, a student loan consultant with Student Loan Planner and a financial planner with SLP Wealth and Co-Founder of Veterinary Financial Summit. She has over 12 years of clinical experience in emergency and critical care. While she was paying off her student debt, she became a “money nerd” and started taking financial courses. She is the founder of the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and co-host of the Veterinary Financial Podcast. She earned the Certified Student Loan Professional designation in 2022.