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We can all agree that being a vet is a demanding, often exhausting, and sometimes even a thankless career. And while we know there are parts of it that will always be challenging, the truth is that you have more control than you think. It only takes a 20 percent shift to see an 80 percent impact. The key is to identify that 20 percent – those small changes – that will have the most impact for you personally, and then strategically implementing those changes. In this webinar, Dr. Christina will walk you through a perspective-shifting program to help you identify which small changes you can easily implement to uplevel every aspect of your job and life.

  • Changes that seem so small can make a bigger impact.

  • An effective communication tool involves meeting the client where they are at with validation and understanding first.

  • Being intentional about your time gives you agency to affect the change you desire.

  • There is a list of human needs and we all need different things. Identifying your needs will help you be effective at finding strategies to create fulfillment.

  • Connection and the need to be seen and heard affects hormone production.

Course curriculum

    1. Change Your Scrubs, Change Your Life: How to Harness The Power Of Small Changes To Create Big Outcomes

    2. Change Your Scrubs, Change Your Life - Quiz

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Christina Guttuso


Dr. Christina, as she fondly prefers to be called, is open and transparent about her own struggles with compassion fatigue and thoughts of wanting to leave the profession. She is now driven by a profound passion for sharing the transformative power of making small shifts which has not only revitalized her own joy but has also become a guiding principle in her mission to support her colleagues. Dr. Christina believes in the power of an energy abundant community that fosters connection and provides unwavering emotional support. Through collaboration and with a trailblazing spirit she believes veterinarians can make a difference for animals and their humans. She is extending access to this community solely to a select group of veterinarians who aim to enhance their joy and fulfillment, advocate for pets through client education, and possess the enthusiasm to support each other on the journey. As the founder of Gentle Journey In-Home Euthanasia and Hospice Care Services, the first in-home euthanasia service in AZ, her mission is twofold: to reduce end-of-life pet suffering through pet parent education, empathy, and support, and to empower humans to advocate for their pets' comfort as they approach the end-of-life.