In this course:

Explore the role of relief veterinarians in our industry. We will delve into the reasons why veterinarians are drawn to relief work, how we can leverage their knowledge, and what insights we can gain from understanding their motivations. Additionally, we will examine how the industry is adapting to accommodate the needs of this emerging workforce. Discover the valuable contributions relief veterinarians bring to our industry and gain a fresh perspective while dispelling common misconceptions.

  • Understand the motivations that drive veterinarians to engage in relief work and the factors that contribute to its appeal

  • Explore strategies to effectively harness the knowledge and expertise of relief veterinarians to enhance veterinary practice and patient care

  • Identify the benefits and value that relief veterinarians bring to the industry and challenge common negative assumptions by highlighting their positive impact

Course curriculum

    1. Are Relief Vets Ruining—or Saving—Vet Med?

    1. Are Relief Vets Ruining—or Saving—Vet Med? Presentation Slides

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Cindy Trice

DVM, Founder of Relief Rover

As a multi-state licensed relief veterinarian with over 17 years of experience working in at least 50 unique general practice, emergency, and shelter clinics, Dr. Cindy Trice finds great satisfaction helping other vets take those hard earned breaks. In 2018, Cindy founded Relief Rover, (, a community connecting relief vets to jobs, each other, resources, and service providers who can help them grow their businesses. In addition to relief practice, Cindy is a consultant, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and author. She's co-founder of a clothing company called KickIt Pajamas ( that designs pajamas and other accessories for women battling cancer. Following graduation in 2004 from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Cindy interned at Florida Veterinary Specialists, (now Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners), in Tampa, FL. In her spare time she loves to volunteer, cook, scheme travel plans, and write rap lyrics for hamsters.